In the high-tech age of self-driving cars, people are thinking of different things to spice up their driving experience while the car takes them where they want to be. Naturally, sex is high on the agenda.

Dating Advisor wanted to know what the large casual dating community thinks about “sex on wheels”. So, together with the popular casual dating site, we asked 12,821 men and women about their experiences and views on the topic.

The question we asked was:

What activities could you imagine doing in a self-driving car to take advantage of the time gained?

Believe it or not, around 70% could picture themselves having sex in a self-driving car.

While some could also imagine taking in the countryside, reading, watching a movie, or even sleeping, the majority who took part in the survey found it a good idea to have sex on the road. In fact, 72% of men and 70% of women were keen to give it a try.

Self-driving cars might be the ultimate modern-day location for an exciting sexual adventure, but cars have been part of people’s sexual fantasies for many years. Many are drawn to the exhilaration of having a quickie on four wheels. Therefore, we not only asked our recipients about their dreams of having sex in a self-driving car, but about what sexual experiences they already had in a car.

Drivers receiving Sexual Favours from Passengers

Not surprisingly, almost 1 in 4 respondents found pleasure from sexual favours handed out by a passenger while driving. And despite the obvious risk that goes together with the ecstasy of climaxing in a car, everyone disembarked safely after the experience.

Passengers receiving Sexual Favours from Drivers

Drivers have returned the sexual favour to about 6% of passengers taking part in the survey. Not bad, having to keep an eye on the road as well!

Back Seat Sex on the Move

Around 8% of our respondents admitted to having sex in the backseat of a car being driven by someone else. We can imagine the driver looking in the rear-view mirror to “check for dangers from behind” more frequently than usual!

Self-Pleasure while Driving

Even when driving alone in a car, men and women are drawn to sexual pleasure. Surprisingly, more women (12%) than men (11%) admitted to touching themselves down there while driving.

Sex on Public Transport

About 7% of respondents said they had given sex a try on a bus or train. Strangers in the form of other passengers are obviously not a deterrent for some when they have the hots for each other.

Parked Cars are Tops for Sex on Wheels

A staggering two-thirds of respondents have had sex in a parked car, confirming that these are one of the most popular places for having a “quickie”. According to our survey, 66% of men and 62% of women thought sex in a parked car was great. However, about 20% said it wasn’t such a great experience when they tried it. We wonder why not? Naked bums against cold car windows or too little room to spread the legs perhaps?