Sexual adventurers are always looking for the next exciting place to do it. In the age of self-driving cars, having sex while being driven without having your hands on the steering wheel, is naturally high on the list of sexual fantasies.

In fact, 70% of the 12,821 people who took part in a survey by DatingAdvisor and the popular international casual dating site said they would like to give sex in a self-driving car a try.

The question we asked the recipients was:

What activities could you imagine doing in a self-driving car to take advantage of the time gained?

This is what they said, keeping in mind that multiple responses were possible:

  • 72% of men and 70% of women would be keen to have sex.
  • 20% of men and 19% of women would relax by watching the countryside go by, napping or listening to music.
  • 17% of men and 18% of women would continue to focus on the traffic.
  • 9% of men and 11% of women would like to talk with other passengers, on the phone or play games.
  • 6% of men and 8% of women would read or watch movies.

While these preferences are based on future scenarios in self-driving cars, the car and other transport methods already featured in the sexual history of many of our respondents. In fact, we discovered the following:

•    Almost 1-in-4 passengers have sexually pleasured a driver while on the move.
•    6% of driver have returned the favour for a passenger.
•    8% had backseat sex while being driven by someone else.
•    11% of men and 12% of women have pleasured themselves while driving.
•    7% had sex on public transport like buses or trains.
•    A two-third majority had sex in a parked car.

Read more about our survey, with additional information, here

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