Why are serious dating apps more appropriate than Tinder when looking for love in NZ?

Hook-up apps like Tinder serve a purpose, and that simply cannot be denied. User-friendly, easy to get to grips with, and with a large population of eager singles (as well as plenty of those who may not be as single as they appear…), it has taking the fast-paced online dating world by storm. However, there comes a time when a brief encounter or a night of fun simply isn’t enough, and you find yourself wanting something a little (or a lot) more serious.

When it comes to searching for a long-term relationship in New Zealand, the looks-based approach that Tinder uses isn’t necessarily going to yield the best results. More serious dating apps have developed a range of techniques to really get to the heart of their NZ subscribers, and use psychologically accurate personality tests and algorithms to ensure that if you sign up, you’ll be sent profiles of those which match with your character. This reduces the likelihood of being matched up with someone who is seeking something different from your own desires, and it should also filter out time-wasters. On top of this, more serious dating apps and sites require you to go through an often lengthy sign-up process, meaning the members who end up with fully filled-out profiles are those who are really more committed, and thus more likely to be looking for something serious and long lasting. Perfect!

There are lots and lots of dating sites and apps out there in New Zealand, and unfortunately, not all of them are as good or as trustworthy as others. Some dating sites even use ‘bots’ - fake profiles designed with the singular intention of parting those seeking love with their well-earned money. Look out for unrealistic beauty standards in profile photos, incomplete profiles and over-eager messages. Remember; if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

These are the best sites for Tinder Dating 2022

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Going on your first non tinder date

So, you’ve sent a few messages back and forth with someone you like on your dating site - it’s time go on your first non tinder date!

You’ll be able to discuss the finer details of your date via the messages on your dating app. However, we’d always advise to keep the first date relatively light-hearted and pressure-free. A light meal somewhere relatively informal is always good - it gives you the opportunity to sit together and have a really good chat (something movie dates don’t really allow for), and the public setting is a great way of ensuring you are less inhibited and more comfortable, allowing you to truly be yourself. Make sure you are polite, sincere, and respectful, and who knows what might happen?

After the first date is over, make sure you set up the next one as soon as possible. If the other person isn’t interested in meeting again, don’t be disheartened - it’s always better to be honest at this stage and not to be strung along on a series of unwanted dates. Furthermore, there are thousands of profiles still to look through, and your new love is bound to be somewhere in there!


The recommended portals for Tinder Dating

#1: BeNaughty







#4: be2



#5: Tinder



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