The next part of using dating portals is the profile itself. Think of it as your way of marketing yourself to other users. It’s your one shot at showing the person behind the photo.  

Remember, everyone doesn’t read the profile word for word, so list the most important things about yourself at the top. There’s typically spaces for users to fill out tidbits about themselves. These are best because it gives you the ability to be creative and stand out instead of selecting from pre-determined answers. Everyone can’t write freely about themselves!

Your best friends will be wit, humor, and creativity. Don’t summarize what’s already on the profile. Also, don’t write a cliché like a poem, quote, or slogan. Be different and author an eye-catching profile that talks about your hobbies, experiences, or life goals. That’s the best recipe for success.

Profile Do’s:

  • Be honest and funny
  • Share more info in the text fields
  • Be creative
  • Add a little charm
  • Do something unique

Profile Don’ts:

  • Being untruthful
  • Bragging
  • Not finishing it or leaving blank areas
  • Sounding like you’re whining