Why everyone is flocking to dating apps for finding love in New Zealand

We live in a fast-paced world, and going out and meeting people in the hope that you might find love is not easy nowadays. It’s time consuming, difficult for those who consider themselves shy, and can leave you feeling seriously disheartened when the rejections inevitably come along.

As such, it’s no real surprise that dating apps have taken off in a big way. They allow you to browse NZ singles’ profiles from the comfort of your home, send messages while commuting to work, and if and when you approach someone virtually who isn’t interested - there’s really no problem, because you know you have thousands of other people just waiting to hear from you! These dating apps are ideal for finding love in other ways, too - not just because of their ease of use. They use psychological tests and surveys to ensure your profile reaches those of similar interests and personality types, and the more well-known apps are experts at filtering out fakes and time-wasters, too, meaning your chances will be higher than ever!

Top tips and top pics for finding love in New Zealand

While we’re sure you’re more than capable of finding success on a dating site, everybody could do with a few tips from the experts! We’ve trawled through these sites over and over again, and have come up with some great advice to make sure you find the one you’re looking for. Read on to see for yourself!

Like any online service, some dating apps are far more reliable than others. The most common danger of online dating sites in New Zealand is the presence of fakes and bots, which have been allowed on the site by less reputable administrators to boost numbers and even try to con singles out of their hard earned money. Thankfully, they aren’t that difficult to spot - they tend to boast supermodel-esque profile photos, and flirt more aggressively than you’d expect!

These are the best sites for Finding Love 2022

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#3: be2



#4: Tinder



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